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Birthday Party Ideas and a Free Printable

This year, my youngest daughter wanted a sleepover party instead of going some place to celebrate. That was music to my husband’s ears, and meant saving some dollars in the pocket book. To me, all I was thinking about was entertaining about 10 9-10 year old little girls, oh mamma!

Anyway, we survived except for the fact three of the girls (including my daughter) ended up with a sore throat and the sneezes. Share the germs, I guess.

There were a few things that I want to share with you that might help you plan your next party. A money saver for me was that I created and printed our own invitations as well as our thank you cards. 

Another fun idea that kept the girls busy for a bit, was decorating your own cupcake! It was fun, and a sort of crafty thing to do.

Here is what ours looked like:

Chocolate cupcake in the middle, and all the sprinkles, frosting and colored sugars the kiddos would need. The trays were $1.00 each from the dollar store, each girl got their own. It was a blast for them, and most of the girls hadn’t done it before. Unfortunately, I don’t have an after picture. The girls ate the cupcakes as soon as they finished decorating them.

Here is a link to the invitations we printed for her party. Just write your information, and fold. Homemade cards! Blank-Invitation

As for the thank you notes, I just took a picture of the girls and pasted it into a Word document with a note of thanks typed along side of it. Pretty easy, and another money saver idea.

Hope these ideas work for your next party, and stay tuned for some more creative ideas! Please comment if you have any to share.